Monday, February 22, 2016

D'light says "What is with all the fungi?" Part 2

Here's Part 1 of this post if you missed it D'light says "What is with all the fungi?"

"Come look over here!"

We find more fungi

We cut onto the main trail to cross to the other side, getting deeper into the forest

"Look what I found for you"

D'light would rather be looking for critters than waiting while we take so many pictures!

"I'm ready to go"

We say "Just a few more pictures D'light"

"I want to go that way"


"Let's go!"

This was hilarious as he was licking the camera lens

We move on and there are lots of logs cross the path and D'light has a great time jumping over them

He's found a perch and I find more fungi.  Do you see it?

Super excited to find this...

D'light was excited to chase a squirrel!

 Another log jump...

As D'light goes over I see something...

tiny mushrooms at the base of the fallen log

Off we go 

And I can't believe what we find 

"I'm onto something"

Up he goes and to see what he can find

"I'm going to keep going"

As D'light is busy on the log we don't find any fungi but, a woodpecker has been busy on this tree.

D'light is at the end of his 50ft long line

"Ok I'm coming"

"Any fungi down there?"

One more scan...

off we go and time to head to the car

A few last find on our way back


The jelly fungi was growing on this tree

So much to find and what a great time!

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