Saturday, February 13, 2016

Games in the rain

 Even with the rain coming down we play games outside!
While Viva is busy sniffing the air...

and scanning for critters.  We go hide some high value treats for her in the area. 

"How did a treat get on this big branch?"

"Oh there's more on top!"

"A yummy surprise!"

"Are there more treats to find?"

Off she goes to see what else she can find

We've placed treats in the area of the fallen Madrone tree

Doing lots of searching and this is good problem solving for Viva!

Time to find the higher placed treats!

"Found them!"

"An excellent and tasty game!"

"What's next?"

Time for more running around in the mud and rain!  But we found these bright yellow mushrooms while Viva was playing her game.

And as we were running around we spotted these too!

 And what does Viva do once we are home?

Sweet girl who is so easy and relaxed in the house! 

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