Monday, October 24, 2016

The rain brings the mushrooms - Part 2

In case you missed it, here's the first post in our fun adventure at Seward Park
We move on through the old growth section of Seward Park and the colors are just beautiful.
Woodpeckers have been back at the park for about a month.  We haven't seen any yet but, we hear them and see their handy work.

Love the fall colors!

 We find more mushrooms

This one is curious as you can see the drops that hang off the mushroom


This variety often has water drops on it which is really interesting to look at up close.

As I'm looking at the above fungi, D'light is over at some tree wondering if a critter is up it and Brett says quietly "Do you see it?".
I slowly look up and who's watching who!

Then the little Douglas squirrel and D'light see each other at the same time... a blur of them moving.

"Come back!"

D'light had us laughing as he attempted to get at the squirrel who was long gone.

Time to keep moving
and more to find

"I wish all you critters would come down and see me"
Lots of crows at the park and they watch all that is going on around them.

We move out of the old growth section and walk the 2.5 mile paved loop around Seward Park.    Lots to see on ground and all around.

We take in Lake Washington - you can see downtown Seattle to the right of D'light's head.  He is of course scanning for critters.


As we make our way on the path, we spotted some new birds at Seward.  Birds are migrating and we see Cormorants.

Some pied-billed grebe
A trio of brandt's cormorant and pied-billed grebe

Fun times with lots to see!


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