Wednesday, October 12, 2016

So much to see and do! Part 6 - Hood River Orchard and Farm

Once leaving Maryhill State Park & Rowena Crest we stopped off at one of the farms outside of Hood River.  This stop lasted much longer because there were so many amazing photos to take!
While there are still some flowers in bloom you can see fall creeping in as they are slowly dying off for the winter.
Then I gasped in excitement at the massive sunflower fields.  My mom thought I was nuts but, I was in heaven.  So many varieties of sunflowers and many still in bloom and many that were well past their prime.

This variety has deep tones of red and purple
Grapes dotted the fence line of the farm

So many beautiful living and dying sunflowers


With the sun going down we check out the vast pumpkin patch


More sunflowers and some where massive

The leaf color was stunning on this variety of dead sunflowers
More pumpkins and sunflowers on a beautiful day

Sun shadowed sunflowers

Last of the blooms for this year

Pumpkin time

Off we go and stay tuned to see what D'light and I see the next day as we head home.

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