Saturday, October 15, 2016

So much to see and do! Part 8 - White Pass Scenic Byway

After all our fun in the gorge area we drove on reaching one of our "on the way home" destinations.  Beautiful White Pass Scenic Byway!  I did some research before heading south and was excited that my trip corresponded with the fall foliage across White Pass.  So onto my "to see" list it went and boy did we see some great colors!  A site that was very helpful in my research was White Pass Scenic Byway and they have a fantastic map that you can download!  The website and map give you lots of choices for side trips. So much to see and do in the White Pass area! 
Beautiful eastern Washington landscape 



We take in the massive Rimrock Lake and Tieton Dam
As you will see, you could spend a whole weekend (or longer) in this area.

Fall colors peppering the evergreens
Such a beautiful day for this drive

More fall colors along Rimrock Lake

The view along the byway of White Pass

We take a longer break to walk the lake bed of Rimrock

Lots to take in!

What a fabulous place
Move views as we drive on

A quick stop at Clear Creek Falls

There are so many hikes, lookouts and amazing places to explore in this area. But, no time to do that on this trip as we have our final destination to reach.

Stay tuned as we venture to Windy Ridge at Mt St Helens.

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