Tuesday, October 11, 2016

So much to see and do! Part 5 - Maryhill State Park & Rowena Crest

After a nice visit to Syncline winery and then Maryhill Museum, next stop was Maryhill State Park.  This park had lots of camping spots and a boat launch - not my speed since I'm not a camper or a boater.  There were not a whole lot of walking paths but, we did find a couple that were nice. 
D'light getting his sniff on.

We are now east of the Biggs bridge
My mom and Lacey enjoying the scenery

 Much bigger rocks for D'light to navigate
Biggs bridge and we are looking across to Oregon

Many plants that we don't see in the damp western side of Washington
Pretty eastern landscape
Windmills off in the distance!


Interesting bush.  The white part of the plant was fuzzy.

Columbia River

Love the fall colors

Time to head back to the car

Wind power and diesel

Off we went, heading back to Hood River.  We crossed over the Biggs bridge into Oregon and stopped off at Rowena Crest Viewpoint.
It was so windy and the dogs said "No thank you, we'll stay in the warm car".
Amazing views!

Across the river is where we were in the morning - Syncline winery

Road up to the viewpoint

In the spring there is a blanket of wildflowers

There are also hiking trails in this area - more to add to my to do list for when I'm back down in this area!

One more stop of the day so stay tuned.

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