Saturday, October 22, 2016

The rain brings the mushrooms - Part 1

We've had a good amount of rain so that means mushrooms will be popping up.  We headed over to Seward Park to walk through the old growth trails, seeing what we could find.
"Are you coming?!"
I love the ferns growing up the trees

While we look for mushrooms, D'light critters

Tiny little mushrooms that you will miss if you are not looking close.
Lots of different fungi growing as well.  This was a fallen log full of this white fungi.

A bright orange mushroom and something has been nibbling on it.

Lots of pretty fall colors where ever one looks

We find some fantastic turkey tails.

More mushrooms and more nibbles.


"Who's eating all the mushrooms?!"
And then we find what has been nibbling on the mushrooms!

Some nibble free mushrooms

So slimy!

Tiny little mushrooms

"No more pictures it's critter time!"

Stay tuned to see what else we find!

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