Monday, October 17, 2016

Lots of color at the Japanese Garden

We have some amazing foliage happening and what better place to see it than at the Seattle Japanese Garden!  This is only the second time we've been to this garden. The reason is because no dogs are allowed.   Which is appropriate.  The garden is delicate and dogs (even on leash) would be really hard on the landscape.  But, I wanted to see the colors of the garden so, after taking Catty and D'light for a long walk they took a rest at home while we explored the garden.

Exciting to see so much color 

Then I just got giddy when I saw this heron in the middle of the large pond.

"Whatcha looking at?"

He was eyeing the massive koi in the ponds

 Lots and lots of color!


"Go ahead and try to eat me"

The koi weigh more than this heron!

This photo of the heron made me laugh!

I found out that if you stand close to the water the koi swarm to you. 

You can see the koi circling in the pond

Heron still thinking about the koi

Pretty reflection in the water

More hungry koi.  I found out the visitor can buy koi food and feed them. No wonder they flock to people.


After this photo the heron decided to move on and off he flew.

No surprise the heron was looking for an easy meal.

Lots of great photo opportunities

Here come the koi

"Feed us"

It was raining off and on and was still a nice afternoon!

Apparently the koi and ducks don't mind each other

Lots more to see as we make our way out of the garden.


Persimmon fruit on the ground

Colors up down and all around


You never know where you will find mushrooms!

Time to go home and what a pretty time of year!


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