Friday, October 28, 2016

Colors and critters at Volunteer Park

Volunteer Park is by far D'light's favorite place to critter.  There are so many squirrels
 and he has a blast chasing after them.  It's a good park to work his brain and burn some terrier energy.  When D'light first came to us back in 2011 he was so afraid of everything that even thinking about chasing a squirrel was worrisome for him.  With lots of fun work in the environment we now have a critter crazed boy - which is what we wanted!  Volunteer Park as you will see is currently full of fall colors.
D'light says "I'm here, lets play the game of chase!"
Scanning for critters
The colors are amazing!

A boy on the move and with a 40 ft long we run, run and run some more.

With the rain and low light I get a lot of blurry photos

What D'light loves! And the squirrels at this park often taunt D'light. They either chatter at him or like this fella, come down just enough to be out of reach of D'light.  You can see the nut mouth!
Off to look for more.  D'light loves the chase more than anything else.

While D'light scans, I capture the last of a summer dahlia and fall leaves in full swing.

Off we go


I find a bees hive from this summer.  We've had a good amount of rain and wind so that no doubt blew this out of a tree.

Looking for critter scent
On the hunt...

"Do you smell any critters?"

Long gone are D'light's worries about wet feet.  This use to really bother D'light. But, all our crittering in the rain and mud has taken away that worry.

Love this dirty boy!

A wet and beautiful madrone tree
Trying to find a critter scent track

"I know your guys are around"

All this sniffing is great for his brain

As we make our way through the park we take in the sights


Time to go and after 1.5 hours of crittering D'light was ready for some R&R!

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