Sunday, October 30, 2016

Having a ducky time

While we have had a lot of rain we've also had some nice days!  D'light and I continue our routine of crittering at Seward Park.  It's a lot of fun for both of us and with the change in weather we often have the place to ourselves since we go in the morning.  After a good hour of crittering we decided to stop and watch the duck activity.
D'light says "Do you see the ducks?!"

This was fun as we watched the ducks diving for a snack.
One duck diver...
These two say "We can do that"

Not quite in unison

They got their timing down

These three say "We can do that"

Made me laugh and I was impressed!

But then comes a fourth...

Who joins in the snack party!

"Bravo!" This spectator gives two wings up!

"That was fun now lets do more crittering!"

A couple of weeks later and we are seeing a variety of water foul in the lake and still having nice sunrises!
The moon watching the sunrise
Mt Rainier in the back ground

Lots of geese and a variety of ducks

We are no longer seeing just Mallard ducks.  Unfortunately a lot of the ducks stay pretty far off shore and my camera doesn't zoom that far. This is the best my camera can do and it's still too far out to ID the ducks.  But, it's great to see new ducks arrive for the winter.

This is a grebe and he and his friends were doing lots of diving for a meal

I don't know the Id on this bird but,  it is but it has an interesting shaped head.

We find this...

People do lots of fishing in Lake Washington and that leaves lots of line left in the lake. This obviously causes harm to birds, otters and other animals who make Lake Washington their home.  Whenever we find line like this we get it out of the lake and into a garbage can.

Mallards are still around and I think they are beautiful birds.  I also like them because the come prtty close to you so, easy to photograph.  With the change in season the light does some interesting stuff to photos.  Looks like a oil sheen on the water but that's just the reflection of the sunrise and blue sky.

A  pair of Wigeon  that were pretty far out.

A whole flock of birds and again pretty far out which is why the video is shaking.

One of my favorite photos of fall.  The moon with fall colors in the foreground.

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