Friday, October 7, 2016

So much to see and do! Part 2 - Hiking up Cape Horn

After an early morning bird walk at Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge we headed out to hike Cape Horn I knew we were not going to have enough time to hike the upper and lower trails so, up we went.  I chose Cape Horn because it's highly rated as a beautiful fall hike due to the foliage.  However, we were a bit early to really see the color changes. No worries as we saw plenty!
D'light ready to hit the trail and off we went.
There was a spattering of color throughout the hike

Lots of beautiful ferns

Tall trees

"Where are the critters?"

The good news about not much color changes in the leaves meant looking down and we found a lot!

As D'light was hoping for chipmunk to come out, I enjoyed the turkey tails.

It was raining on and off and D'light says "No worries".

Lots of peek a boo views and we are on the Washington side of the Columbia River

Almost to the top...

We made it and D'light says "That's a long ways down!"

Worth the hike up!

The pictures don't capture the beauty of the gorge area

D'light checking the trees

We begin the hike down and find more treasures!

 D'light getting told off by a critter

I think this is an oyster mushroom and it's growing in the hole that a woodpecker has made.

Woodpecker handy work


Lots and lots of nurse logs

"Critter smell!"

Love this picture! You can see the raindrops on his body.

Fall is coming

Dlight says "We still have the lower trail"
"Not today D'light, next time"
This is at the bottom of the hike and that rock ledge is the top of our trail!

Nice hike and time to head towards Hood River.  
We did stop at Beacon Rock to see if it's a worthwhile hike up and I'd say yes.  Next time...
And we made a quick stop at the base of Hood River to watch some of the kite boarders and windsurfers. The wind was a blowing!

Stay tuned to see where we head next

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