Saturday, October 8, 2016

So much to see and do! Part 3 - Syncline Winery

If you missed the first to posts of the series, here is where you can catch up. The next day, my mom joined us as we had a full day planned.  What difference in landscape once you get a little east of Hood River.  No rolling green trees we have entered the dry landscape of the eastern part of the area. 
Lots of fishing going on and love the cliffs of the gorge. 
Here come the sun and we are now in Washington and that's the Columbia River.

 We arrive at our first stop

Syncline Winery and it's beautiful small winery.
They were in full harvest

Time to taste and Brett and I do enjoy this wine.  We were here about 5 years ago and this was my mom's first visit to the winery.

The grounds were beautiful

Grapes that didn't make it to harvest!

If you follow our foster dogs, you know that all of them are named after Washington/Oregon wines.   And we did foster Syncline and here is that sweet little girl.  She lives in Seattle and has a fantastic family.
Stay tuned to see our next stop of which D'light enjoyed!

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