Sunday, October 9, 2016

So much to see and do! Part 4 - Maryhill Museum

After visiting Syncline winery we continued east.   It was a beautiful drive and Maryhill Museum was our destination.
Fall is on it's way as you can see by the colors in the trees.  But, what really drew my eyes were the windmills.  I love those massive energy making machines.
The further east you travel the more you see of the windmills
More fall colors with a beautiful backdrop

We make our way to the museum and take in the sights.  To the left is the Sam Hill Memorial Bridge, also known as the Biggs Rapids Bridge. Off the right a tug pushing a large load on the Columbia River.
One of the museums many outdoor art installations

Love the landscape and D'light is busy checking out the surroundings


Time to see more

Not snakes...

Large seed pods from this tree and you can see them littering the ground

My mom's dog Lacey was with us.  Sweet Lacey was our first foster and she's such a great little dog.  She does not like the camera so this was one of the few photos of her.


We move on, enjoying the outdoor art


Maryhill museum

Looking down at Maryhill winery

This deer sculpture was neat.  One could spend a lot of time looking at all the tools that make it what it is.


D'light was having a grand time of rolling on some slug he found!
We passed this neat tree on the way back to the car.

 This was an Osage Orange tree loaded with fruit.
Next stop is Maryhill State Park

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