Thursday, June 9, 2016

Viva heads to the Columbia River Gorge - Morining time before volunteering at the nose work trials

In case you missed them, here are the previous posts in this series:

We made sure to leave early for the nose work trial so that we could exercise Viva.  Here are the beautiful places we went before the trials.

The rolling Columbia River


The trials were in the small town of Stevenson, Washington.

Strike a pose

Running around and we see a dog off in the distance.

Viva did excellent with moving on away from the dog in the distance. 
She gives a stress shake and is able to recover and off we go.

Down to the water we go!

Such a beautiful morning!

Who knew about "The Great Shoote"? 

We head out on the pier and we all truely watch the eagle land...

A juvenile bald eagle

A lovely view of the Columbia river from Stevenson.

On our second morning before the trials. we stop off at Cascade Locks.  

Bridge of the Gods in the background.

A beautiful morning and we will be coming back to see more of the locks!

Tug boat rolling down the Columbia River

After the trial we headed up to a lookout point on the Washington side of the Columbia River. Beautiful view and that's Mt. Hood in the background.

Hood River across the river

There are a number of folks growing wine grapes!  It's really lovely to just drive around and take in the beauty of the gorge area.

There were tons of pretty poppies in bloom

Mt Hood in the background

Pretty wildflowers

Before heading home on Monday, we stopped off for a quick potty break at the Hood River Ranger station.

Mt Hood up close! 

Time to start making our way home and we have a few more stops so stay tuned!

Below is the Hood River Valley

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