Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Viva heads to the Columbia River Gorge - Bonneville fish hatchery

Before heading home we stop off at the Bonneville Fish Hatchery.  We were there bright and early and had the place to ourselves!

Some good sniff spots 

Lots of flowers in bloom

One of the hatchery houses

Before exploring the hatchery, we head over to check out the view of Beacon Rock

You can see Beacon Rock off in the distance.  

Off we go and Viva watching the birds off in the distance.

The views around the hatchery are wonderful.

"What is this weird thing?"

Making our way to the ponds

We move through the fish pens

A beautiful giant sequoia

Viva fascinated by this fountain

Lots and lots of hosta

We find a cool drinking fountain

We arrive at the ponds!

Beautiful trout!

All around the ponds is just beautiful

Time to visit the sturgeon

"What's going on in this place?!"

Holy smokes you can't miss the sturgeon!

The view above 

and if you really look you can see a sturgeon swimming about

Time to start heading back to the car and we pass a few more trout pens

Viva wonders what the heck these things are.

We stroll by a very large piece of petrified wood

The roses were just starting to bloom

Stay tuned as we visit Bonneville Dam

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