Thursday, June 16, 2016

Viva heads to the Columbia River Gorge - Boneville Dam

In case you missed them, here are the previous posts in this series:


We head over to check out the Bonneville Dam

We made it through the security check and here's the view to get to the visitor section.

The original Bonneville Locks

Beautiful morning and more interesting facts about  Bonneville Lock and Dam

A map of the area and there's so much to see here.


There were a lot of roses in bloom along with a ton of goose poop.

"What is that noise?"

The Columbia rolling through the spillway

Lots to smell

More to explore

Beautiful hydrangeas

We find the fishway

Viva taking in the view

There's a viewing area but, no dogs allowed.


Time to move on

The powerhouse


Posing in front of the turbine.  Here's some facts about the turbine

In front of a "Pill Box".  These were built during WWII. They were guardhouses to help defend the Bonneville Dam.

Off we go

Last stop is to check out the very long stretch of roses.

Lots of pretty blooms


Fun visit for both of us! Here's a final link giving lots of history about Bonneville Dam and Bonneville Locks


This was a really great trip and we saw a ton and it really was great for Viva to be out expanding her world.  Again with some planning a reactive dog can get out and about and have a great time.

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