Friday, June 17, 2016

Gotcha treat!

Why is Catty sitting pretty?

It's her gotcha week so I made a yummy treat for all the dogs.

As I was getting the treat ready everyone was hoping to share in Catty's special day treat.

Happy 6 yr gotcha Miss Catty girl!  

I had no doubt Catty would love this treat but, I wasn't too sure about the other two dogs.

Viva was by far the most amusing around eating this treat

She clearly liked the yogurt and Honest Kitchen base.

"What are these things?"

Not so sure of the nectarine or banana!

She liked the blueberries!

Sweet girl making a happy bowl!

"Humm still have the nectarine and banana..."

She did eat the banana but left the nectarine. 

D'light's turn and this is as close as he would get to the treat....

"No thank you!"

I offered him the Honest Kitchen mixing bowl

"Yummy when you get rid of that weird fruit!"

"This treat is all about me so it's about time for my treat turn!"

"One good picture then give it to me!"

"I love this!!"


"That was fabulous!"

Happy gotcha week sweet Catty!


  1. Maddie & Baxter would take me out for a banana!

  2. Awww...lovely photos, and funny, too! None of our dogs will TOUCH any kind of fruit.