Saturday, June 11, 2016

Viva heads to the Columbia River Gorge - Spring Creek National Fish Hatchery Part 2

After volunteering on the second day, it was time to head back to Spring Creek.

Viva says "Awesome we are back at this amazing park!"

We find lots of colorful blooms

Bachelor button

I love the color contrast!

We head down to the water

We should have packed dinner to eat along the river!

It's nice that you can get right down on the Columbia River

We continue on the trail and Viva finds a great look out spot

Such a stunning girl!

We find this dual tree stump

"Look at me!"

Back down to the river we go

More poppies and I love them mixed with the green wispy grass

We find some white poppies

More poppies with the pink grass

Having a great time

There were people at this section of the park and Viva did great seeing them.  She was a lot more interested in what else was going on around her.  Good girl Viva!

Watching the ducks in the water

Oak leaves

Mt. Hood peaking out

Loved this park and we will definitely come back when we are on the Washington side of the gorge.

Stay tuned as we have a few more places to explore!

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