Friday, June 3, 2016

Viva heads to the Columbia River Gorge - Chanticleer Point

At the end of April I headed down to the Columbia River Gorge area to volunteer at three nose work trials.  I brought Viva along and we had an amazing time together outside of the nose work trials.    
Here's a wonderful video that my sister created for me and I'll be doing a number of posts talking about each area we visited!
After a 4 hour drive we stopped off at Chanticleer Point. A good place to stretch our legs and take in the views.
A cool marker and driving along the historical Columbia river highway is beautiful!

I always love the information boards!

The amazing gorge area - Washington on the left an Oregon on the right of the Columbia River.

The Sam Hill Memorial Rock at the entrance from the Historic Columbia River Highway, honoring one of the main promoters of the road.

Lewis and Clark arrive on the Columbia River


Viva hops up to take in the view

Lets see what else we can find!

One more picture of the amazing view

Sweet Viva ready for our next stop

Stay tuned as we have some great sights coming up!

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