Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Viva heads to the Columbia River Gorge - Base of Latourell Falls

In case you missed them, here are the first three posts in this series:

After walking up to the top of the falls, it was time to check out the path under the falls. 

Time to see the bottom of the waterfall!

Strike a pose!

We are just about the bottom and you can feel the spray of the waterfall

We make it to the bottom and it's beautiful!

It's loud and wet! 
Viva wonders about this...

Time to cross the bridge to get a bit closer. 
Viva is doing great even with the person at the end of the bridge.  She was taking a picture of a slug.  We waited for the lady to stand up before we passed and Viva just ignored her.  Viva's behavior was reinforced some yummy lamb.


Viva is conflicted. 
She wants to get closer but the spray and the noise are a bit worrisome to her.  We are in no hurry and she decides where we go.

After some sniffs and again, us taking our time...

With a little time & the fact that she has choice in staying or leaving, she decides all is ok. We move in for some great photos.

Pictures really do not capture the beauty.  The cuts in the rock is amazing.

Lots to sniff and sooo green!

One more picture

Time to go and we head back to the bridge

Amazing view from the bridge

Then on our way back a person is coming down with their large lab off leash.  I yell at her that my dog is reactive and to please leash her dog.  Luckily she does and she tries to give me as much space as possible so we can pass each other.  Wish everyone was that considerate/responsible and helpful.  Viva did react to the dog - it was too close.  Once the dog passed I took Viva up to this rock ledge and threw a bunch of treats on the ledge and said "find it".  This is why playing this game so much is important for Viva.  She was able to focus on the game and not obsess about the dog we saw.  We play this game multiple times everyday. We play it when there are no dogs/people around and when there are dogs/people around. It's a fun game, a great way to help her refocus and she can self reward with finding the food.

After the game we moved on and time to go.  Viva really did well consider how close that dog was to us.  And I had a plan in place in case this happened.   Good girl Viva and we had a great adventure.

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  1. We are way behind on the blog, so just now catching up. My heart was in my mouth reading the story about the off-leash Lab. Good girl, Viva, for pulling through with flying colors!