Friday, June 10, 2016

Viva heads to the Columbia River Gorge - Spring Creek National Fish Hatchery Part 1

After a day of volunteering at the first day of the nose work trials we headed over to Spring Creek.  I did some research before our trip and knew this was a state park with a hatchery.  I've had great luck with hatcheries being fairly dog free and lucky us, that was true again.  With so much to see we opted to make two trips to this park. Here's part one and we check out the actual hatchery.

It was just amazing weather and a perfect late afternoon to explore the area along the beautiful Columbia River.

One of my favorite pictures on this trip!

If you are ever in the gorge area make sure to visit this park!

We move onto the hatchery.
My mom also volunteered at the nose work trials so, we had fun exploring the area before and after the trials.

"Come on foster mom!"

Off we go!

No one else at the park!

"Here I come"

The formal entrance to the hatchery

We check out the beds

And watch all the hawks!
So many of them and this was just one of many clusters of the birds.

We head over to another bed and then we see something...

A huge osprey

Flying to the nest!

We check out the hatchlings - you can see them, there are a lot!

The osprey hangs out in the nest

The nest on the light pole above the beds

This was so cool as I've never seen a osprey so close.

Time to move on and the visitor center was closed.

Viva having a super time - so were we!

Way off in the distance is the Hood River Bridge. 
I do not like driving on that bridge!

More beds and what a beautiful evening

Viva says "What is that thing?"

Yep, it's a fish ladder

Time to get moving

Again it's just beautiful

Viva thinks something is very interesting

We make our way back and Viva has fun running around the large grassy area.


Taking in the view

Motor on!

There were bugs in the grass that Viva enjoyed sniffing after

She saw something and off she went up the embankment!

And back down she comes.

Back the car we go

Lots of fun and Viva was tired! 

Stay tuned as we check out the other half of Spring Creek State Park.

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