Thursday, June 2, 2016

D'light says "Lure on!"

 D'light and I headed south for a lure event and oh what fun!

We stopped off at Spanaway Park and had a warm up of squirrel chasing.

We were at the park pretty early on a Saturday so, we had the place to ourselves!

A scan of the environment and them time to go to the lure field!

We arrive and D'light hoping that this is not a dream...

"Mom, do you see what I see!"

D'light could to get over to the lure machine fast enough

"Make it work!"

Watching the lure operator setting the course.  You cannot hear D'light but, he's getting excited and making a low whine.

Oh sweet D'light... you barking at it does not make it work.

Time to warm up those legs and we stop and watch a dog learning how to chase the bag that attaches to the lure.   

D'light says "I can show you how it's done!"

We do a lot of warming up and warming down.    Not D'light's favorite thing as he'd rather watch the other dogs chase the lure and bark at the lure.  But, he's getting older and getting his muscles warmed up and down is a priority.

"Enough warming up! Lets go watch the lure"

Almost our turn and time to get his lure behavior going!  

Lots of whining, barking, screaming and lunging to get at the moving lure.

"Oh mom I want to get it so bad!"

"I want my turn now!"

Finally time to lure!

So much fun! It's a joy to watch D'light's 50 seconds of pure bliss!

"When is the next lure event!"

A cute photo before we head home.

When we were driving to the lure sight something caught my eye on one of the trees on the right.

So on the way out, I stopped to go check it out. See those white dots on the black burnt tree?

It's fungi!

I was fascinated by the small discs...

The I looked up!

Lots and lots of fungi growing only on the burnt part of the tree. Pretty cool to look at and well worth the stop.

Here was D'light later that day

And after day two of luring. Sung as a bug in his blankets!

A good weekend for sure!

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