Sunday, June 5, 2016

Viva heads to the Columbia River Gorge - Guy W. Talbot State Park

We made our way along the Historical Columbia River Highway which is a beautiful drive.  Next stop was Guy W. Talbot State Park.
Viva says "Where are we now?"
I took the day off work so we could come down on a Friday, hoping to avoid tons of traffic and lots of people!  Having a reactive dog like Viva means planning ahead and having a few back up plans.  While I can't 100% proof the environment, I can be alert and have a plan.  I'm actually pretty use to doing this as we had to do a lot of it with D'light. He's not reactive but, he was very sensitive to environments and he would shut down and spiral into anxiety if he became overwhelmed. Whether you have a dog who's behavior is reactive or fearful it's your job to manage the environment and pay attention to how you dog is feeling.  And really even if we think we have a "bomb proof" dog we need to pay attention to them in new environments as they can be tough for any dog.
I really wanted to check out this park but, that doesn't trump Viva's needs.  We have done way to much work together to blow it at a park.  I had my back up plan ready if there were too many dogs which is what I try to avoid.  And at the end of the day if this was too much for Viva I would have left the park and found a better place (based on my back up list) where she could explore and run around. 
The good news was that it just started to rain when we arrived and even though it's Oregon, the rain had people exiting the park.  So after this photo shot, off we go!

 Again, love the information boards!

"Foster mom I see the people and I look at you!".
That behavior is heavily rewarded and good girl Viva!

Time to motor

There was a lot of noise from the birds and ...

The beautiful Latourelle Fall. 
It's impossible to capture how beautiful this was.

We make our way up the trail

So many amazing ferns!

Many roots pepper the trail

Some huge trees!

Fungi in full swing

Lots of rocks embedded in the path

We are just about to the top and we find the source water that creates the waterfall. This was fast moving water and you can see by Viva's body language that she wasn't so sure about it.

We keep making our way up to the top of the waterfall

We look down and that's a long ways down!

Finally to the top and well worth the trek up.

Time to go back down
A number of switch backs.

So many ferns!

Moss and old growth which is beautiful

I could watch this waterfall all day long!

Pretty girl with a pretty back drop!

One last look and next stop is to make our way to the bottom of the waterfall

We cross the bridge to the bottom trail

"That's a long ways down"

Yes it is!
This is the creek that the water from the waterfall flows out of.

Time to check it out!
Stay tuned as we explore the bottom of the waterfall! 

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