Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Crow patrol

After a good morning workout (walking for the boys & Nose Work class for Catty) it was time to lounge outside on the deck.

While it was in the mid 60's Baer opted to wear his sweater.

 D'light finds his spots and is on crow patrol

He's sniffing the air for crows...

"Hi mom!"

 D'light watching & wishing for a crow sighting.  
Catty contemplating if she also needs to be on crow patrol.

Catty would rather not share the bed however, D'light isn't giving up his spot!

Both decide that there's plenty of room for them on the bed.
Of course at one point they both unleashed their crazy terrier selves when a crow landed close by.  

Sweet Baer was interested in the crows.  However, he didn't make a peep while Catty and D'light were barking up a storm.
Oh Baer you are so dang adorable & such a good quiet boy!

Catty is done with crow patrol and ready to kick back

Time to rest...

and nap!

Where was D'light?
After crow patrol he went inside to rest on his electric blanket - here's how we found him.

Big yawn!


Big stretch!

"Are we doing something?"


"I'd rather just keep resting!"


So, rest and relax it was until mid afternoon when we all went for another walk!

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