Friday, May 15, 2015

Baer gets to meet a New Rattitude Alum

Baer asks "Where are we going?"

The two of us headed over to our past foster dog Syncline now Maddie  home to complete a home visit.  Maddie and her parents have applied for another New Ratittude foster dog and everyone is very excited about this!

We fostered Maddie back in 2013 and she has an amazing life with wonderful parents.

Sweet Maddie girl!

I took Baer along to see how he would do with a young energetic terrier.  He wasn't all that impressed with Miss Maddie - he much preferred Maddie's mom.

There were appropriate greetings by both dogs.

Then it was time to sniff around

Cute Maddie certainly is a terrier and she was on patrol!

Baer could not get enough of Maddie's mom

Baer wondering if he needed to be on critter alert!

Off to investigate!

Maddie's mom pulled out something fun!

It's a ball and oh so much fun!

Maddie showing off her ball skills

Throw it again mom!!

Baer did great but, if he had his preference he'd take a human over a dog any day of the week.

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