Saturday, May 9, 2015

Baer loves to go walking

Sweet Baer is a boy who like to get out and experience the environment!  And let me tell you he can go, go, go and he doesn't drag behind.  People often think that small dogs and middle aged dogs can't walk long.  I can guarantee you that Baer can out walk a human.  On this walk we covered over 6 miles and he was still would have been happy to keep going. 

He's great on all different kinds of terrain and he's fun to walk with.

Baer is a terrier and he does like to critter! 
Here you can see him focusing on the birds in the tree.

Such a handsome boy

He sees a small bird in the brush

He figured out that going potty on a sticker bush isn't a good idea...

Sweet boy has had enough with the pictures and is ready to go!

Sniffing for critters

Off we go and you can see he has a good pace while walking.  He walks so well on leash that I was able to quickly switch from two to one point of contact.

"Why did you stop foster mom? Let's get going"

Of we go and we covered a lot of miles!

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