Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Baer heads back to the vet

Sweet Baer went in for his dental and he did great. Baer has been to two vet clinics and staff at both say he's just amazing - which is true! One vet tech said "He's the best Rat Terrier I've ever met!".  Both vets put Baer's age at 8-9 years young.

Baer had 6 teeth removed and one was a pretty large back molar.  Baer no doubt has a sore mouth and the pain meds and penicillin drops will help him to feel better soon enough. 

If you donate to New Rattitude 100% of your dollars go to help foster dogs like Baer who need some level of medical care.  There's no way the adoption fee would cover all the vetting Baer has needed so thank you to all who donate - you make a big difference in a dog's life.

Once we were home he opted to rest in the sun.

Foster dad thought having his favorite babies close by would help him feel better

He found another bed that was pretty cozy

D'light coming out to see how Baer was doing.

Finally it was time to just come in the house and sleep off what he had been through. He's such a good boy.

So Baer will have some recovery time and I'll be doing some posts about what Catty & D'light have been up to.


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