Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Baer checking everything out

The first day in foster care (or a new home) is a lot for a dog to take in - really it's the first week or longer depending on the dog.  They are in a new environment with new people and often new dogs. It always amazes me how a dog can adapt taking in such huge life changes.  I would think it's a similar experience to a human not being told and dropped down in a foreign place - imagine your confusion, anxiety and even fear with this situation.  So, keep this in mind and be thoughtful, gentle and patient with any new dog that comes into your home.

The first day often includes a necessary bath so, handling by complete strangers.  We try to do this as gently & calmly as possible - providing food as a reinforcer for their patience.  Baer did well all thing considered and he was very happy when bath time was complete.

After a bath it was time for Baer to check out the house!
First stop was scoping out the deck

Then to a side window to see what was going on outside
Sizing up one of the many dog beds

And he was very excited to find the toy box...

Stay tuned to see what Baer thinks of toys!

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