Thursday, May 28, 2015

Morning walks with Baer

Baer is not fond of being away from humans and we work out of the home. So one way we attempt to reduce his anxiety is to walk at least an hour each morning before we leave for work.

Here's a great article that doesn't surprise me at all  Can something as easy as a daily walk affect your dog's stress response?

Baer and I have a number of routes we take to keep it interesting.  All this walking wears out Baer's brain and body, getting him ready for our work day. 

Baer looks like he's doing some yoga!

Off we go!

On the move looking for critters

No problem with any of the terrain

A quick stop to let other animals know he's been here!

For the most part, Baer likes to keep moving which is nice.

"Who's been here?"

"I hear something!"

Scanning the environment

He flushed out a small bird

Off we go

"Are you coming?"

Baer is an excellent walking/hiking partner!

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