Monday, May 4, 2015

First impressions

I picked up Baer last night around 5pm and from my first interaction with him I was thinking "How did this guy end in the shelter?"
Coming off transport Baer was curious to meet me and quiet in his crated for the ride back home.  He clearly likes men and women which is pretty great.  Stairs are something he's not use to but, I'm sure he will get that down pretty quickly.
Once we were home, it was time to do our regular routine of meeting Catty and D'light and there wasn't a single issue.  This boy has good dog to dog skills.  It's pretty rare that a foster dog doesn't offend our house dogs and Baer is going to fit in nicely!
After exploring our house it was time for a bath and then time to kick back and unwind from his last couple of busy days. 
Baer is a middle aged Rat Terrier and as I said he's at an age that I really enjoy.  He still has a good dose of terrier in him but, his personality is established and he's happy to just hang out/not needing constant supervision & management like the younger dogs.
Baer is a beautiful boy with long legs and beautiful coloring.  Pictures really don't do him justice. 
From what we've seen Baer is a pretty amazing dog and if people can get over his age (which isn't old!) then he should have lots of adopters wanting to adopt him. 

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