Monday, May 11, 2015

Baer heads to the vet

Baer needed to have his teeth checked out so, off to the vet we went.
Baer does fantastic while crated in the car
Lots to check out in the exam room

Who's at the door?
"Can you let them in foster mom?"

"Did you not hear them?"

The vet techs and vet came in and Baer did amazing.  Having a full exam is no fun at all and he was a super star.  When I was paying our bill, Baer was more than happy to say hi to the two other humans in line.  Both ladies could not believe how sweet he was to strangers in what is usually a stressful environment for most dogs.  Bear made lots of friends and he's creating a fan base for himself!
Baer does however need a dental as his teeth have been neglected over the years.  So that will happen soon enough. Other than his teeth, Baer walked out with a clean bill of health.

Baer did such an awesome job that I decided to take him over to Volunteer Park where he could run around and have lots of fun!  Stay tuned to see his next adventure.

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