Saturday, May 23, 2015

D'light's amazing weekend - Part 2

Waiting on deck and boy is D'light excited!

"I'm ready for my turn!"

"Hurry up you Basenji, I want my turn!"

Excited goofy faced boy!

If you have dogs in the room this is your warning that if you watch any of the below video's you will hear D'light barking and making lots of noise to get at the lure so, you've been warned.

Here we are on deck and you can see the lure running on the grass - D'light sees it as well!

And it's finally time to chase the lure! 

Off he goes!

This was just a small section of the course but, look at D'light go!

 Oh what fun for this very sweet rattie boy!

D'light says "I want to do it again!!"

Time for a drink and rest in the car

"I do not need to rest!"

After a mandatory rest we headed back to the field.  D'light was able to lure four times over the weekend. 

Time for the "D'light lure call"

When the lure wasn't running, D'light had a lovely rest in my lap while we enjoyed the sun and scenery.

After patiently waiting, D'light was after that lure again!

Run rattie run!!!

"I'm gonna catch you!"


We get a ribbon and D'light  is ready for more!

D'light had an amazing time.  We received a number of complements on how well behaved he was and clearly how much he loved chasing the lure.  Folks were impressed that he finished the 600 yard course four different times. 

And once got home it was time for a rest and a picture of D'light and his title ribbon.

Sweet dreams D'light - we'll be doing more CAT's over the coming months!

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