Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Checking out Cromwell Park

Catty and I had an early morning Nose Work class.  So, why not bring the whole crew along so everyone can have an adventure!  We arrived about an hour early - Catty stayed in the car chewing on her bone and I took D'light and Baer out to explore the park.

D'light on critter patrol and Baer is ready for whatever!

D'light is hoping he can find something to chase after.  
Baer is not slowed down by his sweater.

"No critters but, lots to smell!"

Both boys wanted to make sure everyone knew they had been at the park!

Baer starting to get his scratch on

Scratch on Baer...

Off to check out the other end of the park 

D'light has caught a whiff of something...

Sniffing and watching

Baer did see a squirrel in the distance.   Baer is a top notch, stealth critter hunter and that includes cat hunting as well.  He goes into full terrier brain even if a cat isn't moving.

D'light wondering why there weren't any critters at this park!

Baer ready to get moving

"Who's been here?"

Baer loves to be out and about!

Lots to take in

As usual Baer didn't miss a beat

One more sniff before heading back to the car!

The boys rested while Catty and I had an excellent Nose Work class.  Then it was time to head home and enjoy the sun.

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