Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Out and about on the Solstice

We had a busy weekend of getting out and about - we logged about 18 miles total.   Again, if anyone thinks Rat Terrier can't move over long distances, then they haven't met a Rat Terrier!  Catty is between 10-11 year old and D'light is creeping up on 7 years old.

Nothing delights us more than taking nice long quiet walks over the weekends. We get around and it's pretty amazing that we have some much to look at and experience around us.  We can walk to so many different areas within a 30 mile radius of our house.   We are very lucky!   

And so the adventure begins...

Up the stairs we go - Catty not happy that I'm not moving fast enough for her!

D'light says "Hold up dad, I'm onto a critter!"

Catty and I keep moving figuring D'light and his dad can have their own adventure.  We find a neat rock overlooking Lake Washington.

"I hear them"

We head down to the trail to see how they are doing. 
You can see that they are on the MOVE!

"Move out of my way - there are critters to track"

We move on and Catty finds this wall to explore

Lots to smell!

"What on earth is D'light doing?"

Why crittering of course!

We keep moving and off the critter crazy boy goes!

"Come here!"

Moving on he begins scanning the park...

"I see you"

"Lets go dad!!!"

"Fools... they are not going to catch anything"

Catty taking in the environment

While D'light and Brett are crittering, Catty and I head down to the bottom of the park. 
And look what she finds.

"Are you impressed with my core body strength?!"

Catty makes it up on the trunk with no problem. 
All that body conditioning we do pays off!

"Mom, here comes D'light & dad.  Guess what - they didn't catch anything"

"I'm sure we can catch one - just gotta keep trying!"

One of the many things I love about our walks is taking the time to notice all the environmental changes.  That could be due to the seasons (flowers and such) or the humans dressing up/ improving their outdoor space.

We are less than a week away from Christmas and we have a number of decorated homes.  Here are few that I really enjoy.

Simple large ornaments hanging from the tree

Lot of lighted balls that are beautiful in the daytime or nighttime!

 I do not know what these purple berries are but, they are stunning!

And what is Catty so interested in?

Chickens in the yard!

Fancy urban chicken coop!

Of we go, heading home where all of us were sacked from very long but, enjoyable walking weekend!

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