Saturday, December 6, 2014

Foster girl Coccinelle has arrived!

And she's a pretty great little gal!  She didn't miss a beat coming off transport and this morning she and I got out, getting to know each other.
Here we are at the start of our walk...

Coccinelle (pronounced Coke-see-nell) is beautiful sable girl. 
She's pretty small - I'd guess about 8lbs.  We are going to the vet tomorrow to have her microchip inserted so we will get a weight on her.

You can see she was ready to go!  Coccinelle is wearing a size Tiny Balance Harness and look at her range of motion - this is a great harness even for the little ones.

Coccinelle has the cutest prance and yes she's very friendly wanting to go see every human she sees.

She's very interested in the environment.  We did see some squirrels and cats and once they ran she was ready for the chase.

Nothing seemed to phase Coccinelle and you can see that she's very curious.
The wet grass and leaves didn't bother her.

She likes to go and I have lots of blurry pictures.

View of her from above

Coccinelle's left profile

Coccinelle's right  profile

She has an adorable face
Watching everything that's going on.

Stay tuned to find out more about this fun loving sweet little gal! 
If you missed Coccinelle's story of how she came into rescue here's the post Who's next?

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