Thursday, December 4, 2014

Getting ready for our new foster girl

"Mom says we have a new foster girl arriving soon..."

"Mom's moving stuff around, getting all the blankets and beds arranged!"

Catty says "A new foster?!  That means lots of treats and more training time!".
D'light wishing his baby would fall off the table...

"Mom - you're doing a great job getting stuff ready but, this is a bit boring!" 

We'll sit and watch you mom while you get things in order!

"Did I tell you I'm a bit bored? Maybe I should occupy myself by barking at the birds on the deck!"

"Sounds like a good plan to me!"

"What?!  It wasn't my plan"

"Get it D'light!"

"I've got your back D'light!"

"What is that you have mom?!"

A turkey tendon for D'light to give him something else to do while I'm busy

Catty gets a buffalo tendon and she thinks it's delicious!


Much better and time for some R&R - what a cute, cute boy!

Catty ready for something to do!

It was time for walk so off all four of us went.  

And what does a long walk get you?

Two tired terriers!

D'light happy to have his baby back

sleep tight Catty girl!

Coccinelle will be arriving late Friday night.  This gives us the weekend to get to know her a bit!

Coccinelle hanging out with Lynn - getting ready for her new adventure

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