Thursday, December 11, 2014

A quick visit to Urban Animal vet

Coccinelle headed to the vet for her microchip and she was not only a super star but, very popular.  I love Urban Animal Vet Clinic!  The staff is amazing and trust me - over the last year I've had a lot of interaction with them!

Lucky for Cocinelle this was more of a social visit than anything else. In her opinion there were a lot of humans that needed some puppy lovin and kisses!

"This looks like a fun place!"

"Oh sweet you brought treats!"  

As we were waiting we worked on Coccinelle's dance moves.  

Time for her microchip

"That wasn't much fun!"

"But, I see you still have those yummy treats!"

All is forgiven regarding that microchip and after a few more treats for being such a good girl it was time to head home.

Coccinelle weighed in at 8.8 pounds and that's 8.8 pounds of sweetness!

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