Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Coccinelle chilling with the house dogs

Coccinelle is a sweet girl with really good dog to dog manners.  She gives Catty plenty of space so they are doing great together.  With D'light, Coccinelle thinks he might be her guy to buddy up with.

D'light asks "What's up with the new girl?"

Coccinelle jumps up on the bed but, is respectful about D'light's space.

Coccinelle curious about what D'light is up to.

When she realizes he's just laying down she goes back to watching out the window.

Sweet dogs!

Love this picture of Coccinelle 

After a bit, D'light moved down to his favorite spot on the bed and Coccinelle is ready for a rest.

I had this post completed and then Monday night look what happened...
Why is this a big deal?  Look to the far left of the picture.  I know it's hard given adorable little  Coccinelle.

Who's rear end is Coccinelle in very close to?

We were shocked that Catty was ok with this.  Coccinelle has only been around Catty since Saturday - that's 3 nights when this happened.

Coccinelle is a special little gal who clearly has won over Catty.

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