Sunday, December 14, 2014

Two sides of sweet D'light

Our sweet D'light is a mild mannered boy.  In the house loves to relax in a warm bed or on his electric blanket. If you meet him in person he's gentle, reserved and can be a bit tentative...

But, get him out to where he can critter and he becomes a wild and crazy terrier!  

We took D'light out to Seward Park where he was sporting the 25 ft long line and what a blast he had.

D'light Taking in the environment...

D'light is wearing the Balance Harness and watch how much mobility he has while crittering in it. 
I love this harness!

Beautiful view of Mt. Rainier over Lake Washington. 

Warming up his brain and nose


And so the hunting begins

Cool markers at different parts of the trail system

Sweet D'light is off!

No problems with clearing logs! All three of us got a body work out on this adventure.

He puts on the breaks when he hears the chipmunks chattering

Back to hunting

Keep up dad!!

A tree had fallen and created a neat little entry area

D'light is a brave boy if he thinks he can get to a critter.  He wasted no time going through the tree entry way.


Back to double check that he didn't miss any critters!

His neck also got a work out - takes lots of work to keep looking up when scouting for critters

My two fellas having a tender moment together

And then it's game on and out come D'light the super terrier!!

The boy is critter obsessed!

After a good bit of trying to get at the critter we were off with D'light leading the way

I smell you!

"Where are you?!"

"I see you!!"

Watching and wishing!

"I must get it!"

Cool tree and D'light is only interested in looking at trees that might contain critters!

It was a lovely day with a beautiful landscape

"Lets get going"


So close...

"Looks like a critter home to me!"

I kept saying to Brett "He's got to be getting tired" and I was wrong...

A lovely representation of a Pacific Northwest forest - lots of green moss.  
D'light is sure he's found something.

He's picked up a scent

D'light could hunt forever!

Action shots of him hunting this fallen tree

"Anyone up there?"

Back on the move and according to D'light, no rest is needed!

We come out of the woods to the north side of Seward Park.  A view of Lake Washington and downtown Seattle.  

Of course D'light is still in critter mode.

And because Brett was running D'light I was able to take lots of great pictures and video.  Here are a lot of beautiful trees that I saw on our adventure.

Getting outside in the natural environment provides a huge confidence boost for D'light & gives a ton of body conditioning.  A for us humans it's great as well - gives us some exercise and gets us away for all the pressures of our day!   A win win for all of us.

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