Thursday, December 25, 2014

Looking back at 2014...

As the year comes to an end we are happy and proud to have fostered 6 wonderful Rat Terriers who were in need of help.  All are doing great thanks to their wonderful adopters!

We fostered little Soos and he's living the good life up on Capitol Hill!

Sweet gentle little Soos

Soos the complete snuggle bug!

Foster number two was Tremolo and he was a very busy boy who was a perfect fit for his active family! 

Lots of hiking!

Birds eye view on dad's back!

Foster boy number three was Royal. Since moving to the San Juan Islands and having a huge fenced yard to hunt in - Royal is doing rattastic!

Tired boy after all that crittering!

Royal at Rattiefest and he & his dad had a blast!

Foster pup four was Torrii.  The change in this sweet elderly gal is beyond amazing.  There truly wasn't a better home out there for her.  So, happy her mom wanted to adopt a senior hard to adopt rattie.

When Torii came into foster care, she was extremely touch aversive.  As you can see her mom has made huge strides with her and she loves her mom!

Torii is now Eleanor and here they are this summer at the beach! 

Eleanor was in really rough shape when she came into foster care. She doesn't even look like the same dog thanks to the love and care of her mom.

And here's Eleanor and her brother Binky!  They get to go to work with mom and Eleanor does great.

And of course there's Seven!  This awesome boy was our fifth foster and he shaped up to be pretty a great little terrier.

Seven was a ton of fun to work with and he's having lots of adventures with his dad in Las Vegas.  He dad thinks he pretty dang amazing - which he is!

Seven and his dad getting out on an adventure

Curious boy thinking about those ducks!

Seven loves outdoor adventures and it's wonderful that his dad is finding lots for them to do.

Looking good and loving living in Las Vegas

Lots to take in at a park just off the Las Vegas strip

Meeting new friends and doing very well with his dog to dog skills 

Las Vegas landscape

"the sun is in my eyes!"

What a happy life for sweet, sweet Seven

 Rounding out 2014 we have foster girl number six - Coccinelle.  She is now Nelle and she's keeping her new dad on his toes.  Nelle starts Nose Work class in a few weeks and I have no doubt she will be a Nose Work machine!

Nelle and rattie brother Corwin

We are looking forward to the dogs that we will be fostering in 2015 so stay tuned!

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