Friday, February 10, 2017


We rarely get snow but, on Monday look what we woke up too... 
D'light wondering what happened.

He checks out another window and watches the snow falling.

Cute how fascinated he was by the snow flakes. Over the course of the day we probably had about 5 inches of snow.

"Are we going to go out in this weather?"

We head out to our backyard...

D'light wasn't interested in playing in the fresh snow.  He was more than ready to get back in the warm house.

As you can see Catty was not impressed by the snow.

She was much happier under a warm blanket.
D'light still watching those snow flakes!

Catty was curious why D'light was so entranced by the falling flakes.
He watched (and nosed up the glass door) for a good while.

We saw a couple of birds sitting on the houses behind us.  I'm guessing they were not impressed with the snow.

A few crows flew by the window and D'light went into terrier mode.  Barking and wanting chase away the crows.

"Oh D'light do I need to come out there as well!"
Catty went out on crow patrol.

"All right they are gone, let me back in the house."

"This stuff is deep!"

As the day warmed up it was time to get outside and see how the neighborhood was doing.
"Are we going for a walk?!"

Of we went and there were a number of fallen trees throughout the neighborhood.

View point of Lake Washington and Bellevue

D'light was on the move as the squirrels were also out!

Catty says "Wait for me."

D'light hoping the squirrel will come back.

Frozen hellebores

Time to head home so we can all warm up.

Nothing like snow, squirrels and then a warm bed!



  1. I didn't realize you had gotten snow! It sure makes for beautiful photos.