Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A very sweet visitor! - Part 3

Here's Part 1 and Part 2 of this series in case you missed them.
A clear and crisp day is a great day for a nice long walk!  As you can see, both Chico and D'light were ready to hit the road.
It took some practice to walk with both boys...

In no time we had our rhythm down!

Taking a break take in the nice weather. 

Chico is ready to go!

We head down to the shore of Lake Washington.  You can see by D'light's ears that it windy! 

After a potty break we motor on...

But not before Chico gets his scratch on.  I'd forgotten the funny gyrations he does and he had me giggling.

We watch a large flock of American Coots.  You can see Bellevue across the lake.

The Cormorants brave the white caps

"Enough bird watching!  Let's go."

This is what D'light was itching to check out...

No critters but all trees must be checked just in case!

As we make our way back I notice a bird just floating above us

Then a crow freak out and they chase the bird into the tree.

The bird was so high up and even with a full zoom I still can't make out what it was.  I'm assuming some kind of hawk.

Chico watching the crazy birds

D'light wanted a treat while the bird show was happening.

We head home and time for everyone to rest.

Catty showing the boys how it's done

We had a nice visit with Chico and while he did great, he clearly missed his dad.  When it was time for Chico to go home, he was beyond thrilled to see his dad!


  1. Sounds like a lovely visit. Chico looks like a sweetheart...and he has an awesome sweater collection!

    1. Chico is a wonderful little fella and he sure was happy to see his dad!