Thursday, February 23, 2017

A road trip to Sequim - Part 4

Time to see what birds are hanging around Sequim.
We find a large flock of swans

I was very excited when I downloaded this photo.  Not only do I have a nice collection of Trumpeter Swans and a Tundra Swan!
The swan to the right with the yellow near it's eye/bill is a Tundra Swan.  Trumpeters have all-black bills, while most Tundras have a small yellow patch in front of the eye.

We were curious why some of the flock was grey.  As I found out:

Pretty swans!

We find a Bald Eagle 
A pair of  Mourning Doves
A pair of bald eagles taking in the views
We make it over to the Nearshore and Estuarine as the sun is setting

Lots to investigate

We find a flock of Northern Pintail

There are also Brants and Widgeons 

Off go the pintails.  On the far right post is a Belted Kingfisher
Lots of small shorebirds

Gulls and Brants  heading out for the night.

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