Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A very sweet visitor! - Part 2

We had some nice weather and Chico was ready for an adventure.
I haven't been to the arboretum since December and there was a specific plant I wanted to see in the winter garden. Since we were visiting mid week, we basically had the place to ourselves.

The Camellia is just starting to bloom.

Chico is a mover!
 We spot a  pretty Varied Thrush

Even with very few flowers in bloom, the arboretum is a beautiful place to visit in the winter.

Getting his sniff on.

We find a grove of Paperbark Maple trees

We move on to the ponds where were still a bit frozen

We find what I came to see....Witch Hazel!
The arboretum has a variety of Witch Hazel.  They smelled amazing and were just beautiful.

Chico was very patient but, he clearly wants to move rather than wait for me to take pictures.
We find a House Finch
Hellebores are in bloom

Hardy Cyclamen in bloom

Lots and lots of buds throughout the arboretum
More Camellia


I love this trees in the winter.  Once it's leaves arrive you miss the funky part of the tree.
Spring is coming!

Off we go and this was a great trip!

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