Monday, February 20, 2017

A road trip to Sequim - Part 1

We headed over to Sequim and found lots to see and do!
As we waited for the ferry to leave out of Seattle we saw a number of birds enjoying the day. 
Double Crested Cormorant

Great Blue Heron

We've seen a lot of cormorants standing with their wings open.  I checked out why they do this and here's what I found: 

Cormorants often stand in the sun with their wings spread out to dry. They have less preen oil than other birds, so their feathers can get soaked rather than shedding water like a duck’s. Though this seems like a problem for a bird that spends its life in water, wet feathers probably make it easier for cormorants to hunt underwater with agility and speed. 

Great Blue Heron, Cormorants and a gull

Lots of cranes to unload the shipping containers
Mt Rainier among the cranes

Catty curious about this strange thing we're on.

The Olympic Mountain Range

"I can't see anything down here!"

View of downtown Seattle

A pretty ferry ride

In the lower right corner you can see a ferry heading from Vashon Island to West Seattle.

Seattle in the distance and here comes the blue skies

More Cormorants to greet us at the Bainbridge  Ferry terminal.

Stay tuned to see our adventure!

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