Monday, February 13, 2017

A very sweet visitor! - Part 1

Do you remember Baer?  We fostered this wonderful boy back in the spring of 2015 and he was adopted by his amazing dad.  Baer is now Chico and he has a wonderful life.  He and his dad go on lots of great outdoor adventures which Chico clearly loves.  Chico's dad had an out of town business trip and so we offered to watch Chico for a couple of days. 
As you can see, Chico was great with Catty and D'light.  All three dogs are over 7yrs old and prefer to coexist with each other. No playing with each other or other puppy antics for this crew.   
Chico runs "cold" and he has a spectacular sweater collection.  He wears them well!
HA!! The warm sun was a good excuse to catch some z's sitting up.

Another great shot of the trio of rats!
Time for a good snooze!
"Did you say we are heading out?!"
Stay tuned to see our fun adventures!

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