Wednesday, December 7, 2016

More fun at Seward Park

While Catty likes her neighborhood walks where she can read all the pee mail.  D'light LOVES his time at Seward Park where he can hunt, hunt, hunt!
Ready to go!
One his favorite spots.  This madrone tree sits up over a large section of other trees. D'light uses the tree to survey the area.

He often looks up and all around

He smells something...

And off he goes!!

An open mouth often means he's in hunting mode. 

This is another part of how he hunts.  Lower the ground with a straight back and his tail (which you can't see) also sits differently.

"I'm on it!"

This what we love to see... 

A happy hunting boy!

"Let's go find some more!"

Lots of pretty leaves still covering the ground

I try to take pictures of mushrooms and D'light has other plans

What I was trying to take a picture of before D'light jumped the log!
He's thinking about where to go next.  When we come to Seward Park,  D'light is in charge of where we go!

The forty foot long line works great at this park.  D'light has lots line to run while hunting!

"I see you up there!"

Off like a shot!

As we continue on, we take in Mt Rainier which is developing a nice snow blanket.
Five Grebe in the water and on the buoy is a Cormorant.

Canadian geese on the move

We find more Cormorant

More hunting

And time to get going!
D'light says "I love this park!"


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