Saturday, December 10, 2016

D'light looking for his little buddy

Whenever we go to Seward Park D'light bee lines over to a large fallen tree pile on one of the old growth hiking trails. He knows how to get there from anywhere in the park...  He loves this spot because of who lives in the tree pile. 

We jog the trail to keep up with D'light.  The boy is on the move to the tree pile!

"Are you home?"


The little Douglas squirrel isn't home but, D'light spends a lot of time checking.

This is wonderful for D'light's brain. 
He problem solves trying to figure out where the squirrel might be.

Confidence building - D'light worries about tight spaces and things that are not very stable on his feet. Giving him all the choice of where he is going and placing his feet helps to build his confidence. 

You can see that long lean which is a body sign of worry.  He is tail is a bit tucked as well. More insecure body language.  Letting him make the choice of his next move and time to make those decisions is very important.

He works through his worry as trying to find the squirrel is very important to him.

Love this! 
No long lean and he's really getting in that hole.

"Oh that was hard"

He quickly recovers and he goes back for more

Sweet boy and you can see the needles and water from the leaves on his head!

Here we are on another trip and this time the squirrel was home.

 The squirrel was long gone by the time I took this video but, we still had fun.

Lots of air sniffing, clearing out his nasal passage and he does that cute butt twitch when he hunts.

More hunting and he would stay here all day if we let him.

The squirrel ran through and out of this spot. 
You can see D'light smelling his trail.

"Where are you!"


Off he would go and circle the tree pile...

Trying to sort out if the squirrel has come back

Back the hole the squirrel ran out of

We tell him "One last check then time to go"

We head down to the water and find some pretty reflections on Lake Washington

More sniffing and time to head home.

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