Monday, December 12, 2016

Chilly adventure - Part 1

We've had some very chilly days which has been a  nice break from the rain and!  Off we go and since we have both dogs we decide to incorporate something both of them enjoy.  For Catty that's walking in city.  She's very much and urban girl and doesn't see the point of crittering since it's unlikely anything can be caught.    Of course D'light loves to critter so part of our destination will include some fun for him.

We head out and we have a 45 minute city walk to get to Volunteer Park.

This is Catty's first visit to this park.  The reason being that she was too reactive on leash to feel comfortable at this park that is often dog heavy. But, we decided to give it a try given all the progress Catty has made over the years in terms of her dog reactivity and we had a back up plan if things were to much for her.

Part of our plan was that Brett was in charge of D'light  and I would work with Catty and do what needed to be done for her to feel comfortable.  As usual, I had my bag full of high value food to reinforce Catty for good choices. You can see our plan in action by this picture - D'light chasing a squirrel in the background with Brett running behind him!

She even wanted to run after D'light - you go girl!

As you can see, we recently had snow.  Silly Catty is acting like a young dog with her running around!

We trail D'light and Brett...

they have chased well over a dozen squirrels!

Catty watch D'light barking at squirrel he has treed. 

I'm sure she's saying to herself "That squirrel is not coming down with the noise you are making!"

Something is moving on the ground!

Off D'light goes!

"You are not going to catch that squirrel D'light!"

We move on while D'light and Brett watch the squirrel

Catty doing what she likes to do - let everyone know she's been at this spot!

We go back to D'light and Brett and here's what we find.  The squirrels at Volunteer Park are smart and often tease D'light by sitting fairly low in the tree.  Low enough that he loses his mind but, he can't get to them.

D'light is loving this

and he ran off a lot of energy chasing all those squirrels!

We move on to see more of the park

"Hold on mom!"

"I'm coming"

"Do you have a treat for me?  I've done well and had a great time here!"

We head out of the park and off to the next part of our walk

Stay tuned to see where we go next

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