Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Chilly adventure - Part 2

 Here's part one if you missed it Chilly adventure
We head over to Interlaken Park which is a 50+ acre heavily wooded park.  We are at the top of the steep sloping park.

"That's a long ways down!"

Beautiful view of Union Bay, Lake Washington and the Cascade Mountains.

Time to get a move on!

Catty isn't all that fond of trail hikes.  She will do them but, I think she finds them to be rather boring.  She'd much rather be in city reading pee mail, sniffing the sidewalks and looking to eat any garbage she can find along the way.

This was a good workout for her and she kept up like a champ!

Catty says "Keep moving you two!"

The frost covered leaves were beautiful

There actually was a bunch of garbage dumped on this trail which is too bad.  Catty thought it was great!

A fallen tree with ice all over the exposed roots

If you ignored the garbage on the trail, it was beautiful. This was a nice fern wall stretching up the hillside.

More frost covered leaves, rocks and ferns

D'light is after a squirrel!

"Did you see where it went?!"

"Where are you!"

Sniffing the air to see if he can locate it!

"Can we please get going!"

Off we go

We find this at the bottom of this trail

I wouldn't recommend the upper part of this Interlaken trail but, glad we checked it out.  The trail dumps you on this road which is not safe and we were hustling to get to a safer spot.

We get to a better road and find this lookout spot

Off we go and we need to start heading home before it gets dark.  There is more of Interlaken Park and when we skirted other parts of the park, the trails looked much better than where we had come from.  So, that will be for another trip.

We are back on city streets and we have an hour walk home. Catty was excited about that!

We make it home in time to watch a beautiful view off our deck as the sun goes down!

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